Hi I’m Lauren!

Welcome to My Design Family. I am so excited to have you here walking this journey with me.

Before I discovered Human Design I was unhappy. I had a beautiful family, with two beautiful children, yet I was stuck in a job and a career which I hated and which left me feeling like I had no energy / patience left for my loved ones. I felt as though I was suffering an identity crisis and that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. Whilst I adored being a mom I found parenting to be mentally and emotionally draining.

Despite being married to a wonderful man, we seemed so different and I found these differences frustrating and hard to understand at times. My eldest child was suffering from extreme anxiety which began during the Covid 19 pandemic and seemed to be getting worse.

All of this, and so much more changed when I discovered Human Design. Mine and my husband’s relationship flourished through the understanding of our unique designs and implementation of our individualised strategies. My perspective completely shifted - the traits of his I had previously found frustrating now being something which I saw as his unique superpowers and magic to offer the world.

The biggest change however was in my daughter. Through realising she was a Projector, I was able to offer her the constant recognition she requires and desires which was a total game changer in her anxiety and behaviour after months of traditional childhood interventions.

This is why I am so passionate about bringing this information to the world and in particular to parents and children because I really believe that raising our kids how they were designed to live is the best gift we can give them and that by giving them this gift we can change the world.

"My Design Family is the realisation of dreams and passion, to help families thrive!
That is the goal that drives me to this day"