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Parenting left you feeling down?

If so, I understand. I’ve been there and hey if I’m honest a lot of days I’m still there! BUT, what if I told you that your child's human design holds the ANSWER to how they were designed to live?

Imagine if….

• You had the TOOLS to make your child feel understood

• Your family dynamic flowed with more EASE and less stress

• Your child grew up being exactly WHO THEY WERE MEANT TO BE

• Your child felt FREE to be themself

• Your family relationships FLOURISHED

• Your family's UNIQUENESS was celebrated

Well this is exactly what learning about your child’s human design will do.

One of the first things we look at in Human Design is your energy type.

This shows how you exchange energy with the world. Each energy type also has a signature (the sign that they are living in energetic alignment) as well as a non-self theme (sign they are not living in alignment). Lastly, each energy type has a strategy of how to exchange energy with the world.

There are 5 energy types and they are:

• Manifestors

• Generators

• Manifesting Generators

• Projectors

• Reflectors

Don’t know your child’s energy type?

Click on this link to download their FREE chart here!



The Details...

• Downloadable, high resolution 30-40 minute video on parenting your child's energy type.

• R250 per video (if you would like to change the currency please scroll to the top of the page and on the top right select your desired currency).

• R200 per video if more than one is purchased.